Dedicated to laboratories and for small production batches.

Revomec has created the D.H.A.R.MA range to ensure high-quality production and the durability of the machine over time. Multi-functional machines and examples of modern engineering, the dry-milling drums of the D.H.A.R.MA series have been created by the company to be used in laboratories and to produce small batches of high-end articles.

Example of innovation and practicality.

As MD and MD-SU, also the D.H.A.R.MA range is used for finishing various types of leathers destined to footwear, leather goods and accessories, clothing, furniture, car interiors, sea and air transport. Simple to use, reliable and manufactured with state-of-of-the-art materials, D.H.A.R.M.A. was created for dry and damp milling and upgrading leathers, to condition skins and fabrics through chemical products, to dry the product to achieve natural crumpled, washed and vintage effects, as well as separating dusts (de-dusting) from buffed leathers, splits and suedes quickly.

Excellent features.

Tanneries and finishers use D.H.A.R.MA dry-milling drums for their compactness, practicality and reliability in the production and control process of milling.

These machines indeed assure quick regulation and minimum programming times, low energy consumption and self-cleaning interiors.

Not only: D.H.A.R.MA is equipped with a latest generation software, to manage production in a simpler and more precise mode.

D.H.A.R.MA is equipped with a Revomec patented system, Re-Wash, which automatically washes and sanitises the drum.

The articles of this range are also accompanied by certification, which is essential for accessing the tax benefits provided for by Industry 4.0. Contact Revomec for more in-depth detail!


At the base of creativity.

Thanks to these drums, today it is possible to achieve rapid leather drying, to enhance the grain and natural appearance, a base that is excellent for effects washed, worn or vintage, antique or crumpled effect and others, required by market trends.

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