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Revomec believes that technology must be as simple as the product that contains it.  It is exactly the simplicity that can transform a task into an opportunity, a weight into a pleasure. This is the reason its commitment is to provide products and advanced and simple to use solutions, conceived to improve work quality.

Revomec, machines for processing leathers.
A globally known company of Trissino in the tannery district of Arzignano in Northern Italy, Revomec manufactures and sells milling drums, machines used in the second stage of tanning and leather finishing. Characterised by the experience of its staff and by technicians specialised in treating skins, Revomec provides its customers with ongoing consultancy and technical assistance, as support in choosing machines and their most efficient use.


Dedicated to laboratories and for small production batches. Revomec has created the D.H.A.R.MA range to ensure high-quality production and the durability of the machine over time.

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The dry-milling drums of the MD range, designed and manufactured by Revomec, combine a functional design with the best technology, ensure minimum energy consumption and are durable over time.

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The drums of the MD-SU are completely insulated and have a state-of-the-art system to manage heating, humidification and dust suppression.

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Higher quality and efficiency lead to better results.
Revomec designs and fabricates models of the D.H.A.R.MA, MD and MD-SU series, milling drums designed to meet even the most complex production requirements. The three milling drum configurations are produced by the company to be easy to use, to simplify tanning work and improve the quality of the finishing.

Finishing, the conclusive part of the leather manufacturing process.

Carried out to soften the skins and protect their surface, finishing is a combination of mechanical and chemical processing on dry leather. Among the various processes is milling (or dry-milling), which is a leather treatment carried out in a drum through the combined action of mechanical tumbling and thermodynamic parameter monitoring such as pressure, temperature and humidity in addition to the possible addition of chemical auxiliaries. Thanks to this action, the leathers are softened, their grain is enhanced and stabilised, the surface is de-dusted, the moisture content is appropriately regulated and the “touch is modified at choice.

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