the new automated stainless-steel drums.

Available in two base versions, also the MD-SU as the MD range has an X structure guaranteeing excellent balance and a remarkable loading capacity. Due to the innovative technology used in its manufacturing, these milling drums also ensure high resistance and minimum energy consumption. Quick loading and automated unloading are other features that make these drums for upgrading a reliable and efficient resource.

Functional features to improve control and facilitate management.

The drums of the MD-SU range, dedicated to leather milling in the finishing stage, are completely insulated and have a state-of-the-art system to manage heating, humidification and dust suppression. This management is strengthened by a new filter group with direct suction that leaves no dirt accumulation and avoids oxidisation of materials.

High performance due to new technologies

The MD-SU models also feature the R.A.I. (Revomec Advanced Interface) system, composed of a PLC and operator interface with touch screen. An advanced system that allows the use of automatic mode upgrading drums, with programable recipes, and semi-automatic, with real time graphic display.

The software part of the Revomec machines represent one of the pluses supplied by the company, as it enables you to completely take advantage of the performances of all the drums (D.H.A.R.MA, MD and MD-SU).

The new active and passive safety systems, to guarantee workers’ safety and remote supervision with immediate assistance via web are no less important.

To access the benefits of the Industry 4.0 plan, also the MD-SU range has a manufacturer’s certification. Contact Revomec for further details.


Ongoing research to work in the best way.

Other added values of these drums are the top operational flexibility, even more functional design compared to past drum models, the possibility to group multiple functions in one machine, and therefore obtain better performance, carry out new functions, to meet the most complex production requirements.

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