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Revomec company based in Trissino provides cutting-edge technologies for leather finishing. Time and resources are poured in the development of high-performance products: the ultimate goal is to favour quality over quantity, so as to ensure the best results to the customer. A difficult mission that can be facilitated thanks to the implementation of hi-tech, user-friendly solutions, conceived to improve the work standards and to turn each task into new growth opportunities. This is the corporate philosophy supported by Fabio Gecchele, owner of Revomec, a company founded in 2011 in the core of Arzignano’s tanning district that deals with the design, making and sales of leather finishing machines. “We manufacture innovative and patented milling drums,” explained Gecchele. “We can rely on the long-standing experience of our technical staff, specialized in the field of hides processing, and we provide customers with assistance and professional advice, supporting them in their choices. We take care of the assembly phase, of the delivery, on-site installation and, when required, of the technical training of the workers.” Dharma, Md and Md-Su: Revomec keeps investing significant resources in these three machinery lines, in order to put at the clientele’s disposal finishing plants made with the finest materials and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, easy to use and able to simplify tanning operations and to ensure the highest quality standards. Reliable and strong, the milling drums designed by the firm can be used in several end sectors, from footwear and leatherware to apparel and fashion items, from furnishing to the interiors of cars, airplanes and ships. “Thanks to our machines,” pointed our Gecchele, “it is possible to effectively process different types of hides: cowhides, sheepskins, goatskins, pigskins and exotic leathers. Furthermore, they guarantee ample customization opportunities, according to the aesthetic and functional needs of each customer.” 

Expertise and professionalism Revomec can rely on its well- established know-how in leather finishing and in milling techniques: the perfect combination of art and technology, supported by the specific skills of the staff and by the constant trust shown by customers that, over the years, have chosen the company based in Trissino (Vicenza province) for the amazing quality of its drums as well as for the efficient advice and assistance provided by corporate technicians – pivotal services that play a key role in successfully meeting the production needs set by the clientele.
usato revomec


FieraMilano RHO, Italy 25 - 27 September 2018
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Shanghai, Cina, 29 - 31 August 2018

Hall E2 - Booth B19c
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Shoes & Leathers Exhibition

Ho Chi Min, Vietnam 11-13 July 2018

Hall A - Booth F04-A
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APLF Leathers & Materials - Hong Kong 2018

Hong Kong 14-16 March 2018
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Simac Tanning Tech

From February 20 to 22 2018

Tanning Tech 2016