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New Revomec patented system “without Drops”. From the outset it avoids any problems related to the use of humidity inside the drum.

This innovative method is called “Dropless” precisely because it eliminates the formation of drops and related spots on the leathers. This technology also allows a better and more precise control of the final result. With this technique, it is possible to have a more regular and uniform effect of humidified air; this allows superior results from the quality of the finished product, as well as ensuring savings on energy resources (such as electricity or water consumption).

The processing times are actually shortened, and it can be seen on the graph transmitted on the display that the trend curve is much more stable and constant.

Any type of leather can be processed with this Special System (Wet-White, Split, Suede, etc.) 

Dry Pack

> standard Heating (1 group 7,5 kw)
> additional Heating (+ 2 groups 7,5 kw)

Spray Gun

> atomizer nozzle humidity/chemical product
> nebulizer without water drops


> chemical tank
> 100 liters
> analogical sensor for liquid volume
> manual washing
> stainless steel

Light Design Pack

> processing status lights
> lighting loading/unloading zone


> dust filtering patented system
> aspiration boosted
> increased dedusting

Clima control Leather system, 100% green, can be installed on the entire range.

Clima control Leather system can be installed on the entire range, and it is statistically confirmed that it reduces processing consumption by 40% to 60% (the savings values depend on the type of process required) compared to the already high performance of Revomec machines.

This whole system reinforces our modern idea of Sustainability: Less consumption, More performance. 

Internal climat room,

wet white approved

Less use

of resources

More sustainability


More performance

of the equipment 

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