Quality and efficiency always lead to better results.

With this philosophy, Revomec was born in 2011 in Trissino. The Vicenza-based company, located in the Italian territory, (tanning excellence district) designs, manufactures and sells milling drums, fundamental machines in the second part of the tanning cycle, the finishing of hides.

The high quality in all the production sections, combined with an extreme research for details and design, and a particular attention to environmental sustainability, allow the company to expand its foreign market in a short time, becoming a partner reliable in leather finishing.

But the guiding spirit of the company is innovation, from technological solutions to the materials used. A compact design, which takes full advantage of the large loading area, general insulation for better performance on processed leathers, an innovative heating and dedusting management system, low energy consumption for real sustainable production, great simplicity and safety in use and advanced connectivity thanks to remote supervision. These are the main innovations that allow the company to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market, both in fashion as well as in the furnishing and automotive sectors.

Between design and production, all designed to improve the final use. 

It is essential that simplicity is a constant, so that the software can be used by several operators and not just by one person. 

The management program was entirely designed in the Revomec technical office. Here the designers work continuously to perfect their product, thus ensuring assistance and consistency of service. 

In fact, it is possible to take advantage of the remote control directly on your machine, in order to monitor and solve any problems instantly. With a memory specifically dedicated to recipes and a history on the graph in real time, it is possible to manage all the parameters and create or improve any detail of the processing. 

Finally, the clear interface and a touch screen further facilitate use, optimizing time and consumption. 

Research & Development, towards a continuous evolution.

Customer care is always fundamental when thinking about and making a product.

In Revomec there is an area where you can experiment and perfect the various ideas of our team. Here new solutions and technologies are studied and analyzed in the name of continuous improvement of our machines. 

The Revomec milling drum has evolved to become a real multifunctional machine for leather finishing, with which it is possible to create unique effects. 

The attention to aesthetic details, the solidity of the materials and the ease of use are the result of an important general Research & Development, from the project to the finished machine. This is the only way we can guarantee better and better performances.